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What are the Appropriate Treatments for Neuropathy?

In the United States, the National Institute of Health estimates that more than 20 million people suffer from this disease directly or indirectly related to neuropathy. Between 15 and 18 million of those people neuropathy is caused by diabetes. Some ways in which this disease is expressed in the body leads to inflammation of some part of the body, chronic pain, and fatigue. However, some symptoms appear and disappear at random. Chiropractic care is an effective way and with natural treatments, your symptoms can be reduced.

Within neuropathy, there is the peripheral. It results from the damage that occurs to the peripheral nervous system, which transmits information to the central nervous system of our body. Chiropractic doctors in Miramar can help you treat your neuropathy and its symptoms, successfully eliminating and controlling the disease with proper treatment.

Symptoms of neuropathy

The most common symptoms of neuropathy vary from mild, moderate or severe, depending on the nerves that are affected. Rarely, although it can occur occasionally, cases of neuropathy can cause paralysis, loss of consciousness, or respiratory problems.

For this reason, the moment you notice some of the following symptoms and you are in Miramar, go to a chiropractor:

  • Foot and ankle pain.
  • Swelling in the knees, legs, and shoulders.
  • Neck stiffness.
  • Limitation of movement.
  • Tingling somewhere in your limbs.
  • Lack of strength or tremor.
  • Migraines and severe headaches.
  • Fatigue

More than 30% of all these cases do not have a clear cause for pain. But at Med Plus Centers, we evaluate your case and show you the treatments and tools to verify that the neuropathy has an initial focus or is a condition with no unknown cause. However, another 30% of cases are caused by diabetes. That is, high blood sugar levels damage the nerves, generating healthy complications.

Better ways to treat neuropathy.

The American Chiropractic Association tells us how these professionals focus on disorders that occur in the muscular, skeletal and nervous system. Patients who need treatment to cure the damage of neuropathy can try electrostimulation and massage therapy to see how their symptoms are attenuated and pain is managed.

At Med Plus Centers, all of the previously listed symptoms can be helped by applying a variety of treatment options; among the most useful are improvements in diet, receiving regular chiropractic care, and the use of natural means of healing that provide pain relief without surgery. They are gentle treatments and suitable to be applied to people of all ages.

It is very important to give oxygen and nutrients to damaged nerves. Foods rich in vitamins and antioxidants such as fruits and vegetables help to destroy those harmful cells in the body. The chiropractic doctors at Med Plus Center are trained to relieve the pressure exerted by the spinal nerves at the roots, making an adjustment of the spine to align the vertebrae again and release the trapped nerves and tablets that cause pain in the body.

If you suffer from any of the symptoms that we mentioned in this blog, don’t wait! Go to Med Plus Centers. We are ready and want to help you. We offer specialized treatment plans and the possibility to help you understand where the pain comes from, the causes, and consequences. Remember that the initial consultation is free! Schedule an appointment through our website or call now at (954) 430-4210.