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Stem Cells: What You Need Need to Know

Stem cells are undoubtedly one of the most exciting health discoveries. They’re not only part of a new trend of innovative technology; these treatments open the doors to an almost infinite universe of possibilities in stem cell therapy. Stem cell research is currently not only an incredible field that offers those who explore it a great chance to change their lives, but that opens new paths on studies to understand the human organism.

What are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are precursors to the development of all cells in the human body, and in the case of stem cell therapy, they are the key to treatments for previously incurable diseases. These cells are obtained by specialized procedures based on embryonic stem cell research, which has allowed scientists to know the potential of this biologic precursor in the viability of alternative treatment therapies.

Dr. Brandon Hochman from Med Plus Centers explained how stem cells and similar procedures are changing the lives of his patients.

“Stem cells are becoming a very hot topic just like our Platelet-rich plasma (PRP); both of these injections are really in the forefront of medicine. They are becoming a huge part of what we use in our treatment with patients. Each one of them do incredible things, and we are using them with patients that do not want surgery, and as recovery treatment for post-surgical patients.”

Although the human body possesses stem cells, these are usually adult stem cells or unipotent stem cells, which can be distinguished by the type of tissue in which these are found. Studies show that stem cell therapies can be used to improve quality of life for a variety of health conditions.

“There are many different benefits for stem cells and platelet-rich plasma treatments. We see PRP getting incredible results with tendon issues or ligament issues; it is also used as a natural anti-inflammatory for patients with knee or shoulder issues; patients are seeing incredible results with these types of treatments,” said Dr. Hochman.

“The popularity of treatments with stem cells has grown in the medical field. We are actually able to harvest the stem cells from you and then utilize them to relieve different conditions like arthritic pain, meniscus tears, and knee issues. Medicine is changing; now you don’t necessarily need surgery in order to repair and relieve these issues,” added Dr. Hochman.

What do we know about stem cell research so far?

The stem cells use is part of innovative treatments for tissue regeneration, treatments for autoimmune diseases, and a host of other conditions where cell regeneration is the key to achieving quality of life.

The health industry knows the potential of stem cells for their ability to allow tissue regeneration processes that would otherwise not be possible for adult bodies. Also, to support processes of study on the development of stem cell therapies for conditions that threaten the quality of life of millions of patients a year.

Thanks to stem cell research we can find treatments such as:

  • Clinical trials related to neurodegenerative and autoimmune diseases.
  • Palliative treatments for blood disorders.
  • Treatments for severe burns and skin diseases.
  • Treatments for blood cancer (such as leukemia).
  • Clinical trials related to the regeneration of muscle and bone tissues.

All these treatments and clinical trials represent the application of years of scientific study on regeneration and tissue production by professionals who develop technology to make these cells a viable option for the cure and treatment of hundreds of conditions worldwide. Therefore, beyond the ethical dilemmas that stem cell research may propose, the field of work for this health technology is broad and may forever change the way we see long-term medical treatments.

“If you have questions about stem cells treatments or if you are interested in doing something like that, we offer free consultations where we can advise which treatment is better for you. There is a lot of misinformation out there as to what is better for you versus what is not; and most of the time after a consultation we can actually answer your questions and then we go from there,” concluded Dr. Hohman.

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