our team

Our Team

Name: Lydia

Profession: Director of Operations

Hobbies: photography, boating, and what every other woman in this world love to do SHOP! SHOP! SHOP!

Activities of interest: Architectural photography, spending quality time with my children, family, significant other and grand-daughters

My burning desire is to: travel all over the world (by boat) and to obtain my master’s degree in Healthcare Administration

My key to success is: to remain focused, be sensitive to others and be flexible with all these keys there is no reason why not to be successful

Name: Tracy

Profession: Physician Assistant

Education: Undergrad Virginia Teach 2002, Masters in athletic training University of North Carolina 2005, Masters in Physician Assistant 2010

Hobbies: sports, working out, spending time with my family and friends

Activities of interest: my fiancé’, my two-year-old daughter and my two dogs

My burning desire: Help people get better and making a difference in people’s lives

My key to success: Hard work, constantly trying to learn and grow, and relating to people/understanding where they are coming from.

Name: Ana

Profession: Billing Manager

Hobbies: boating & fishing

Activities of interest: spending quality time with my family and friends

My burning desire: be successful in everything I do

My key to success: love what you do and you will be successful

Name: Nadine

Profession: Front Desk Coordinator

Hobbies: Watching movies at home/ Family

Activities of interest: Reading about space, life on other planets.

My burning desire is to: Succeed

My key to success is: to reach my goals at my job/making my family proud/ to be available where ever and whenever I’m needed.

Name: Dayanira

Profession: Front Desk Coordinator

Hobbies: Googling everything! Working out, meditating, eating and dancing

Activities of interest: Exploring, kayaking, tanning, reading, video games and movies

My burning desire is to: travel the world

My key to success: Happiness!  Do what you love and love what you do.

Name: Jean

Profession: X-ray Technician

Hobbies: Puzzles, such as Sodoku, Crosswords & brain teasers

Activities of interest: Read, work out, eat healthy

My burning desire is to: Live a healthy life

Key to my success: Patience

Name: Martha

Profession: Front desk Coordinator

Hobbies: Going to Disney & spending time with my family

Activities of interest: Watching movies & going to the beach

My burning desire is to: Make sure my family is always happy and healthy.

My key to success is: Keeping a positive outlook on everything that comes my way.

Name: Silvio

Profession: Massage Therapist

Hobbies: Working out and fishing

Activities of interest: Spending time with my boys

My burning desire is to: become a physical therapist

My key to success is: expanding my knowledge

Name: Ayle

Profession: Physical Therapist Assistant

Hobbies: Family activities, play tennis and go shopping

Activities of interest: Anything that consists of being outdoors

My burning desire is to: Travel around the world

My key to success is: Always be focused and smile

Name: Minerva

Profession: Physical Therapist Assistant

Hobbies: Shopping and surfing the internet

Activities of interest: swimming and dancing

My burning desire is to: become a physical therapist

My key to success is: working hard and be happy all the time

Name: Elvis

Profession: Rehabilitation Technician

Hobbies: Fishing, hunting, dancing, and traveling

Activities of interest: Playing racquetball & target shooting

My burning desire is to: continue my education

My key to success is: Staying focused and to ensure that my patients receive the best care possible.

Name: Jorge

Profession: Rehab Tech

Name: Laura

Profession: Medical Records Clerk

Hobbies: Baking and spend time with family

Activities of interest: Arts and Crafts

My burning desire is to: Travel around the world

My key to success is: do what you love and love what you do

Name: Lori

Profession: Physical Therapist

Name:  Juana

Profession:  Social Worker & Front Desk Coordinator

Hobbies:  Watch old TV shows and movies

Activities of interest: Cooking, Dancing, Travelling

My burning desire is to: Buy my house and see my granddaughters grow up.

My key to success is: Save money for the future and teach my granddaughters to do good and study to better themselves

Name: Kim

Profession: Acupuncturist

Name: Amanda

Profession: Rehab Technician


Activities of interest: 

My burning desire is to: 

My key to success is:

Name: Lionel

Profession: Sr. Physical Therapist

Education: Bachelor Degree in Physical Therapy and Kinesiology from University of Buenos Aires
Board-Certified Sports Physical Therapist Specialist from the American Physical Therapy Association
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist from the National Strength and Conditioning Association

Hobbies: play and watch soccer

Activities of interest: Family time/travel, Sports in general, read physical therapy books/publications

My burning desire is to: help people recover from their injuries

My key to success is: love what I do, hard work and consistency

Name: Dr. Padula

Name: Carvel

Profession: Senior Specialist – Revenue Cycle Management

Hobbies: Sleeping…Laugh Out Loud

Activities of interest: Community Outreach – Youth Mentor

My burning desire is to: Being a positive impact

Key to my success: Being my authentic self

Name: Rocco

Profession: Director of Athletic Development

Hobbies: Collect sports memorabilia.

Activities of interest: my kids, reading, working out, sports activities, attending sporting events.

My burning desire is to: Open a Sports Institute

My key to success is:  Reading and listening to personal development. See the positive in any situation.

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