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Project Description

Do you suffer from chronic pain? It can be hard to find options to help give you relief. Prescription medicine and over the counter treatments just aren’t enough to provide you with the help you seek. 

Med Plus Centers offers a stem cell treatment that can provide the relief you’ve been seeking. Utilizing various regenerative medicine therapies has been proven to help control pain and accelerate the healing process.

The types of tissues used in this office are:

  • Umbilical cord tissue

  • Umbilical cord blood

  • Amniotic fluid

  • And amniotic membrane

The procedure is simple. We will inject the regenerative tissue right into your area of pain or injury. It will help give you back the healing and repair power of your youth. These non-surgical and minimally-invasive methods use the human body’s own ability to heal, repair, and regrow tissue to relieve your pain. They bring hope and possibility where there wasn’t any before. 

It’s time to stop suffering! We want you to be able to do things you haven’t done in years. You can live with little to no pain. Contact Med Plus Centers today to see how we can help you get back to the life you want.

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