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Muscle Activation Can Increase Your Performance

All the doctors who evaluated six-time Olympic gold medal winner Amy Van Dyken-Rouen agreed on the same diagnosis: “You can never walk again.”

Amy Van Dyken-Rouen, an American Olympic swimmer, was left in a wheelchair because of a spinal cord injury after an accident while riding a quad bike. But, a miracle happened when she visited Greg Roskopf. An x-ray showed that the spinal cord was not completely broken and there was a small chance of reversing the situation– Amy might be able to walk again.

In one of the sessions, Roskopf told Amy: “I know you can’t move, but now I just want you to think about bringing your leg to my hand. Draw it in your head.” Without feeling what she was doing, she was able to contract one of her muscles, proving that her nervous system and muscular system were not damaged; there was a nervous connection.

Thanks to muscle activation techniques, Amy Van Dyken is able to make great physical advances with her body and regain strength in her damaged back. Walking again is no longer a fantasy! Thanks to the effort, patience and the help of various muscle activation techniques, what was a fantasy is now a reality.

The muscle activation technique performed by Med Plus Centers can help maintain, correct and improve muscle imbalances. First, get a free evaluation from our specialized doctors so we can better evaluate your case and make a diagnosis. Next, it is necessary to identify weak muscles or those muscle connections that are not functioning properly. Finally, we generate a personalized exercise routine to improve the communication of the muscles with the brain and strengthen weak muscles.

How does the muscle activation technique work?

Muscle activation locates problems that cause tension in the muscles. In particular, it acts on muscle inhibition. By manipulating this weakness, the body manages to improve stability and balance, relaxing the muscular area that was tense. Muscle activation can treat trauma, stress, bad posture, excessive physical activity or even a sedentary lifestyle.

Muscle activation techniques have four steps to follow: evaluation of the joints, evaluation of muscle strength, muscle readjustment. and a final reassessment of the muscles.

  • Joint Evaluation
    At Med Plus Centers, we first look for weaknesses in your joints. We check each joint for a minimum range of mobility because it is possible that some of the muscles that surround the joint are weak. Thus, we can generate a high performance lifestyle.
  • Muscle strength assessment
    Once the weaknesses in the joints are located, Med Plus Centers performs an evaluation of the weakened muscles to correct the joint and correct the communication of the muscular connections.
  • Muscle Reset
    We can perform muscle readjustment in two different ways. The first way is through low intensity contractions. Another option is palpation, where our experts in muscle activation activate the muscles by putting light pressure on the weakened area.
  • Final reassessment of muscles
    Finally, Med Plus Centers performs a new test to know the final result of the process and evaluate the increase in muscle connections, mobility, and muscle strength in the initially weakened area. At the end of all, it is also important to evaluate a possible stem cell treatment, if nerves were affected by what caused you to seek muscle activation.

What benefits does muscle activation have for your body?

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If you’re not sure about scheduling a muscle activation technique, consider this example. Having your car checked by experts not only extends the life of your car because broken parts get fixed, but also makes the car work better. The same happens in our bodies. The older we get, the more sedentary our activities become and we need a doctor who is an expert in muscle activation to reactivate our body and muscles.

Before starting to exercise it is necessary to check our muscles to avoid future problems.

If you are still not convinced that muscle activation can improve your quality of life, these are more benefits:

  • Strengthen damaged muscles
  • Improve the coordination of your muscles and muscle connections.
  • Recover flexibility.
  • Reduce the risk of injury and maximize your muscles without injury.
  • Reduce the pain in your body.

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You had an operation that required surgery. Is muscle activation at Med Plus Centers the best service for your recovery?

When you have an important operation on your body, especially one that requires surgery on your muscles, it is very important to consider that there will be greater injuries to tissues, joints and more stress on your muscles afterward.

The more stress the muscles have, the more readjustment needs to be done.

This is when muscle activation techniques are necessary to help balance the muscles and joints. Therefore, muscle activation techniques will prevent a new lesion that requires another surgery in the same area.