LipoMelt: A non-invasive fat melting therapy
​​​​​​​that will help you lose weight in the first session

If you are tired of trying every weight loss method out there, and if your physical and mental health can’t take another lost battle with your weight, then we have great news for you. Acupuncturist and dietitian, Kimberly Marin has 23 years of experience in ancient acupuncture techniques combined with modern medicine and is joining the Med Plus Centers‘ team.

Experience results with LipoMelt

“Kim’s patients are obtaining results that they have never seen. They are losing weight after their first session. LipoMelt is a pretty amazing technology that hasn’t been around very long,” said Dr. Brandon Hochman.

As a registered dietitian since 1996 and acupuncturist since 2007, Marin says having a dual degree allows her to offer patients better results that are permanent. “People might come in for medical problems; for some kind of pain or stomach issue, but the nutritional component of the person’s health is often overlooked. I can use Chinese medicine to fix some of the roots causes, but at the same time I can help with nutrition so they can maintain balance once everything works out.”


Liposuction alternative that does not require surgery

LipoMelt works wonders for losing weight and toning the skin. “The frequencies work by causing a pore to develop in the fat cells that allow the triglycerides to leak out. Once outside the cell, the fat gets transported by the lymphatic system, and your body metabolizes it via the liver and kidneys to eliminate it naturally.”

“You can get the same results, that you will get from liposuction, but there is no pain, no surgery, no downtime, and there is no bruising. The best part is that you start seeing the results in the very first session,” indicated Marin.

​​​​​​​Med Plus Centers is one of the very few health institutions in South Florida where you can receive this treatment and experience its benefits within the very first session. “Other people use the red light; but they do not use both, the red and near-infrared light. Basically, nobody has the LipoMelt machine; they might have something similar but it is not the same and not as effective.”

Weight loss program packages 

Acupuncturist and dietitian Kimberly Marin also offers a physician monitored weight loss program that provides eight stages of evolution. Through the entire process, Marin will guide you to help you reach your goals and maintain them.

“At Med Plus Centers we offer different packages. The first one is the Gold Package which includes a customized nutrition plan. I go over patients lifestyle and design the appropriate diet for them. This weight loss package also includes four months of acupuncture sessions to help buzz the metabolism and address the underlying weight issues. This will help our patients lose weight quicker and if there are any metabolism issues such as blood sugar problems, acupuncture therapy help rectify that”.

“The Platinum Package includes a personalized nutrition plan,  four months of acupuncture, and we perform a genetic test that tells us which foods the patients metabolize well. This test will help us understand what nutrition plan the patients should follow and what nutrients to include and balance within the plan. Some people tend to be deficient in certain vitamins and minerals, and this report can point out what their deficiency is, whether it is in minerals or antioxidants; it assesses how well the patients do with glucose and fructose,” explains Marin.

This second package gives access to a private facebook group to keep people motivated and to answer any questions the patients might have.  It also includes a supermarket tour to point out what areas of the market are going to have the most nutritional foods and what areas to avoid. It also includes one free LipoMelt session where the patients can experience how the machine works.

Finally, the Diamond Package has everything mentioned in the Gold and Platinum packages,  plus 20 LipoMelt sessions. This particular package includes natural remedies to help patients deal with the emotional reasons behind eating and overeating.  Furthermore, patients obtain a free workout session, and they get lifelong access to weight loss support.

How to get LipoMelt and other Weight Loss assistance 

If you would like to lose some weight and tighten up your skin call us today at (954) 637-7607 to book your complimentary consultation. 

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