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Knee Pain

Are you battling with persistent knee pain that’s holding you back from enjoying your daily activities? Are you looking for a solution that can effectively address your discomfort without resorting to invasive surgery or reliance on pain medication?

At Med Plus Centers, our team of professionals is ready to help, using non-surgical, drug-free treatments such as chiropractic care and regenerative medicine to provide relief from knee pain and restore your mobility.

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Knee pain can result from a variety of causes, including injuries, mechanical problems, types of arthritis, and more. It can affect people of all ages and often impedes your ability to perform everyday tasks, leading to a decreased quality of life.

Chiropractic Treatments for Knee Pain

We utilize innovative chiropractic treatments that can provide significant relief from knee pain.

Chiropractic Care to Relieve Knee Pain Pembroke Pines

These include:

  • Shockwave Therapy: This non-invasive treatment uses pressure waves to stimulate the metabolism and enhance blood circulation, accelerating the body’s natural healing process. It can relieve pain, improve mobility, and stimulate tissue repair.
  • Laser Therapy: Laser therapy is a safe, painless treatment that uses specific wavelengths of light to stimulate healing, reduce inflammation, and alleviate pain. It can improve joint flexibility and function, making it a beneficial therapy for knee pain.
  • PEMF Therapy: Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy is an innovative treatment that uses electromagnetic fields to improve circulation and cellular function, promoting healing and reducing pain and inflammation.

Regenerative Medicine for More Severe, Chronic Knee Conditions or Injuries

Regenerative medicine offers promising potential for knee pain relief, especially when traditional methods of treatment have been insufficient.

It focuses on repairing and regenerating damaged tissues, thereby directly addressing the root cause of the pain, rather than merely managing symptoms.

Regenerative Medicine Treatments for Chronic and Severe Knee Conditions Miami Gardens

  • Human Cellular Tissue Injections: This treatment involves injecting human cellular tissue products into the knee joint. The tissue product can come from various sources such as umbilical cord tissue, amniotic tissue, or bone marrow.

    These cells have regenerative abilities and can help to stimulate the body’s own healing process. They can aid in the repair of damaged cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and even bones. This can result in significant reduction in pain and improved joint function.

  • Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy: PRP involves using a patient’s own blood to stimulate healing. The blood is centrifuged to concentrate the platelets, which are rich in growth factors.

    This platelet-rich plasma is then injected into the knee, where it can help to accelerate healing, reduce inflammation, and stimulate the regeneration of damaged tissues.

Both of these treatments have been shown to be effective for many patients suffering from knee pain, particularly those with osteoarthritis or other degenerative joint diseases.

Osteoarthritis of the Knee

Treatment for Osteoarthritis of the Knee Miramar, FL

Osteoarthritis, the most common form of arthritis in the knee, is caused by the gradual breakdown of cartilage in the joint.

As the cartilage wears away, the bones begin to rub against each other, leading to pain, swelling, and reduced mobility.

Aside from chiropractic care and regenerative medicine treatments, our team can provide guidance on lifestyle changes, such as weight management and low-impact exercises, which can help manage symptoms and slow the progression of the disease.

If you are suffering with knee pain in Miramar, Pembroke Pines, Miami Gardens, or any nearby city, call us today at (954) 430-4210 to schedule a free consultation.