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Keys to a High Performance Lifestyle Avoiding Injuries

Speed, strength, agility, and endurance are some of the abilities individuals must develop in order to be at the top of their game and become big winners in life and in sports. To live a high performance lifestyle, athletes must commit their lives to discipline and structure. This also holds true for individuals who are determined to be in the best athletic shape.

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to enjoy elite training and reach your full athletic potential. However, if athletes are not careful, rigorous training can lead to injuries; injuries that could leave athletes out of the field for months or even a lifetime. This is also true for anyone training as hard as an athlete.

Approaching fitness like an athlete Committing to a year-long training program is key to achieving desired results. Athletes need to be part of a program that will not only focus on the physical aspects, but that also includes motivation for the mind, a nutrition plan, and of course a recovering plan (chiropractic and physical therapy) which will help them maintain and fortify their results through time.

Nick Hicks who is a multi-sports athlete understands the power of training and the risks associated with sports which can cause injuries that can end an athlete’s professional career. Hicks, who is one of the founders and coaches at PERF4ORM, suffered “a series of ACL injuries that left him in what seemed like an eternal state of knee rehabilitation,” as mentioned in his biography.

That’s why he saw the value of having an integrated high performance training with chiropractic and physical therapy to help prepare and recover athletes. Recovering like an athlete PERF4ORM has become a sanctuary for youth and high school athletes, as well as league athletes in the state of Florida and in the entire country.

While athletes are receiving the best physical training possible, they are also receiving the best physical therapy available. “We train athletes in the NFL, MLB, NBA, and so on” added Hicks who in an effort to avoid injuries that can damage his clients’ careers has developed a partnership with Med Plus Centers and it’s chief chiropractor doctor Brandon Hochman who is well recognized as an expert on physical rehabilitation for youth athletes in South Florida.

After Hicks “football career was cut short, his training career was born,” as well as the desire to avoid injuries. “There are a lot of gyms in the area that don’t offer what we offer with Med Plus Centers, and it is a huge asset to our company because people come in to get the speed, strength, agility, conditioning, and recovery all in one place”. “Athletes come from all over the country to train for eight weeks.

We don’t really know these athletes; some of them come from other states, some of them from down the road. Many times it is difficult to know what each athlete needs, so having Med Plus Centers taking them under a full series of orthopedic evaluations and tests to find out their weaknesses help us and allow us to put together a program designed specifically to meet each athlete’s needs to help them perform at the highest level possible,” said Hicks.

  • Key # 1: High performance training goes hand in hand with physical therapy If not treated in a timely manner, athletes can experience a longer recovery period. For this, athletes and coaches must take action immediately after an injury to improve the athletes’ injuries and to ensure their full recovery.

“I think the value that Pef4orm presents to athletes is that they have the ability to recover with us. Our body is just like a bank and if you are continuously stressing it through exercise, eventually you are going to need to withdraw. We look at ourselves as just an arm to what PERF4ORM does. I think when it comes to any athletes’ performance centers it is really important that they have a medical facility that they can trust to send their injured athletes because injuries are going to occur no matter what” added Dr. Hochman.

  • Key # 2: Give yourself the very best first At high performance level obtaining the best training, coaches, techniques, equipment and physical therapy must be a top priority. Therefore, your body and your mind will be thankful for it, and most likely it will show in your results.

Hicks reaffirms this theory by giving athletes a piece of advice: “A lot of athletes think they can do things on their own. Googling a workout or trying something they see on Instagram but that rarely provides real benefits; strictly because they are not professionals. Just because you see an Instagram video and try to mimic it, it doesn’t mean that you actually know what you are doing. For instance, I might know certain things about taxes, but I am not going to sit there and do my taxes; I am going to find someone to do it who is a professional within that area to make sure that the job gets done the best way possible.”

  • Key # 3: Sacrifice to get where you want to go Discipline requires doing what others won’t be willing to do. A high performance athlete understands this concept. Taking care of your nutrition, health and recovering is as important as the physical training.

If you are training but don’t belong to a gym or physical facility that provide chiropractic and physical therapy, Med Plus Centers is here to help. Visit our website or call our office at 954-637-7607 for a free consultation that will improve your fitness plan.