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Do what you like and enjoy it without knee pain!

If you have knee pain, you’re not alone. Many people experience knee pain. You need the help of a specialized chiropractic doctor to address and lessen this knee pain. There’s no doubt that your knee pain is uncomfortable and restricts your mobility and daily activities.

Did you know that your knee pain could have been caused by excessive sports activities or walking too much?

In many cases, knee pain is caused by injuries, aging, and conditions such as arthritis.

Your knee consists of tendons and ligaments that wrap around the cartilage. They all support your body weight and work to allow you to walk and do normal daily activities.

“At Med Plus Centers, we provide you with the best chiropractic care and can help you with your knee pain and arthritis treatment. We have expert doctors who can treat your knee pain and make your life easier and your recovery quick.” -Dr. Brandon J. Hochman, DC

Does your knee hurt when you pick something up off the floor? We can cure your pain with chiropractic care.

We all do basic activities during the day that can be limited by knee pain. Picking up a sock or something else off of the floor, walking from the living room to the kitchen to cook, bending over to pick up a shopping bag … When performing these types of activities or others that are presented to us every day, we notice how knee negative effects on our ability to function at our best.

Have you considered the possibility of reducing and even eliminating knee pain with a Miramar chiropractic doctor? Anything is possible when you’re not in pain! Med Plus Centers addresses all knee injuries and pains, and offers a variety of treatments to deflate joints, soft tissue massages to help knee movement, and various chiropractic manipulation and mobilization techniques.

Not sure if you should receive chiropractic care for knee pain? The first sign that you should go to a chiropractor is that the pain begins to be severe, constant, and limits your movements. Surely a doctor will send painkillers to reduce or soothe the pain, but you will not be able to eradicate it completely.

How can Med Plus Centers help you with a chiropractic knee pain treatment?

Chiropractic treatment is very effective for many knee problems. Do you want to know how we do it at Med Plus Centers?

  • Step 1. We analyze each patient.
    Each injury is like each patient: each one is different. We cannot perform the same treatment for all patients because knee pains have different origins. Therefore, we first analyze the conditions of each patient and seek the best and most appropriate treatment for each person.
  • It may be that knee pain has its origin in a misalignment of the hip or back and generate irreversible pain in the future, or the knee pain could have other causes. We will figure it out in order to help you.

  • Step 2. Search for a treatment to reduce pain.
    We use medication-free treatments that help the body heal itself and restore its nervous, muscular and joint functioning. One of the treatments we use is regenerative medicine, through the use of stem cells.

    “When patients come for their knee pain complaints, we discover that sometimes, it is not just a knee problem, but a symptom originating in another area of the body.” -Dr. Brandon J. Hochman, DC

    Another innovative method that we use to relieve pain in a healthy and non-invasive way is therapy by means of PEMFT or pulsed electromagnetic frequency. This therapy uses pulsed magnetic fields directed through injured tissues that stimulate repair at the cellular level.

  • Step 3. Get to normalize the joint function and perform rehabilitation exercises.
    Dr. Brandon J. Hochman, DC, through knee mobilization techniques, manages to normalize the function of the joints located around the knee to increase movement and reduce pain. However, when appropriate we develop exercises to restore normal functioning. We increase strength, endurance and stability in order to create balance in the body and make knee pain disappear.

Why is Med Plus Centers the best place to cure my knee pain?

We eliminate knee pain with natural and innovative techniques. Our doctors accompany you from beginning to end, monitoring a constant evolution. We avoid surgical procedures at all times. Our goal is to make you happy and help you have a healthier life.

If you are looking for relief for your knee pain, then come to Med Plus Centers, where you will find a personal space where we will guide you in your recovery. We will help you live a life free of pain, where you can do everything that makes you happy.

If you suffer from knee pain and would like more information about our services, contact us to schedule a free consultation by clicking here. Also, you can call us and schedule an appointment at 954-637-7607.