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Back & Neck Injuries from Rear-End Collisions: Why Chiropractic Care is Essential

Car accidents can occur at any time and to anyone. In the United States, more than two million car crashes occur every year. Therefore, we must always know how to act if we are involved in an accident and experience back or neck pain. After a car accident, your life may likely be affected by a back or neck injury. It’s important to know that if you suffer these types of injuries, schedule an appointment with Med Plus Centers.

Here we have doctors who are specialists in their fields who are dedicated to caring for you and are willing to help your injuries. In most cases, these type of injuries arrives in the same way. The moment we drive our car and find unexpected retentions on the road, we usually brake as quickly as possible, without giving the car behind time to do so. This action generally does not keep the safety distance necessary to be able to brake, and therefore, an accident or rear-end collision occurs.

What type of neck and back injuries produces a rear-end collision?

Our spine and neck, when we have a rear-end collision accident, is subjected to a sudden and rapid movement that our body is not prepared to receive. First, there is a movement of flexion and then extension that can cause an injury.

Neck Injuries

At Med Plus Centers, one of our chiropractic doctors will perform different tests to find the location of the pain. The neck works hard throughout the day, and a small deviation between these small vertebrae can cause pain and immobility. All neck injuries can affect the quality of life and can cause both minor pain (discomfort or stiffness) and significant or severe pain (cervical pain, low back pain, dizziness, and blurred vision, vertigo, earache, etc. Whiplash The neck contains seven small vertebrae that give greater flexibility and makes it more sensitive to sudden movements.

Through this movement, whiplash can occur. It is one of the most common cervical lesions and is also known as a neck sprain. It consists of a tear of the cervical ligaments and other soft parts when the body is pushed forward by the collision, and the head is delayed. Pain and stiffness are some of its symptoms. A diagnosis can be made using resonances or ultrasound to see if ligaments, muscles, or tendons were affected. Then, the doctor will evaluate the degree of severity.

  • Grade I: mild neck pain that only remained in muscular contracture.
  • Grade II: severe pain that causes reduced neck mobility.
  • Grade III: almost total immobility of the neck due to severe pain. The use of immobilizing elements is necessary as that does not allow movement.
  • Grade IV: the need for surgical intervention due to dislocation or fracture.

Consult a doctor and a chiropractor if you experience neck pain or other symptoms of whiplash after a rear-end collision. It is vital to have a diagnosis and have an evaluation as quickly and accurately as not to make the symptoms worse.

Back Injuries

The back is composed of various bones, muscles, and tissues that extend from the neck to the pelvis. In all car accidents and rear-end collisions, the most common injuries are in the back, causing pain and limited movement.

Some of the injuries that occur most in a rear-end collision are herniated disc, vertebral fracture, spinal cord injury, and sprains or strains. Disc herniation or disc herniation It is a problem with the discs that are between the vertebrae. They can break with excess pressure and the liquid they contain spreads and presses on the nerves. You can pass pain to legs and arms, creating numbness, pain, and weakness in the extremities.

Vertebral fracture and spinal cord injury Due to the rough movement produced by the shock, the vertebrae can rupture and damage the spinal cord. It generates immobilization for weeks or months, since it may require surgery. Strains and sprains Strains in the muscles and tendons and sprains in the ligaments are minor injuries, not as severe as the previous ones, but should be treated by a doctor and checked with a chiropractor.

Symptoms such as pain or swelling that prevent movement of the back. At Med Plus Centers, we can help you. After visiting the corresponding doctor, make a consultation with a chiropractor. Either a mild pain or a more severe pain, it is crucial to obtain a quick and accurate diagnosis to avoid worsening symptoms.

At Med Plus Centers, we can help you to improve your spine. We can restore the way your spine and damaged tissues work after a rear-end collision. This way, they can heal, reduce the nervous condition, and relieve pain to restore stability. Take advantage and schedule a free consultation with us today.