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Are Sports a Health Risk for Children?

Children can begin exploring what they do and don’t like at a young age. Some discover that they enjoy art and music, while others prefer math and science. Then there are those who excel in physical activities, like sports. While sports are generally a healthy activity for children, they may be at a greater risk of developing injuries from their interests than young kids with less physically intense inclinations.

In general, children who develop a love for a sport, are likely to commit to it. Their commitment can then increase as they get older. Some young children continue to play their sport in high school and even college. Unfortunately, the longer a child plays a sport the more likely they are to experience an injury.

While being dedicated to sports is admirable, it’s important to weigh the risks and take measures to minimize them. Sports are a great way for children to learn about teamwork and exercise, but there is a problem: the physical pressure. Sports are requiring more and more from young athletes and this can be detrimental to their health.

Studies conducted by the Division of Emergency Medicine and Orthopedics and Sports Medicine at the Children’s Medical Center, indicate that in the United States more than 30 million children between the ages of 6 and 18 participate in sports programs. One third of these young people end up severely injured, with injuries that have to be treated by a doctor, chiropractor or a nurse.

Statistics state that sports injuries are the second leading cause of visits to an emergency room and injuries in schools.

Five ways to avoid sports injuries

Sports can be a lot of fun. But, injuries from overexertion are far from fun, especially for children.

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These are four possible ways to avoid sports injuries while continuing to play sports:

  1. Use protective gear whenever you can. We understand that some sports require the use of protective gear to help prevent injuries and that they are necessary. Talk with coaches about this required equipment and find out about optional protective equipment that can also help keep your child safe.
  2. Warm up. Although few forget to do so, it is very important to warm up before playing sports. It is not a good idea to start exercising without a previous warm up. You shouldn’t even stretch without warming up before. Ask a specialist the best warm up stretches and exercises to avoid injuries.
  3. Keep others in mind. When driving on the road, we must keep in mind the rules to avoid accidents and hurting ourselves and other people. The same thing happens in sports. Injuries are always reduced when the rules of the sport are respected. While some rules aren’t about protection, just fouls and point, some protect players. Other rules are also about respecting other players and working as a team.
  4. Stop if you’re in pain. This advice is very important, and many ignore it because they think it has nothing to do with them. But, stop playing sports when you feel pain or feel that something is not going well. Most of the serious injuries in sports come from when an athlete continues to play through pain or does not recover properly from an injury. This can aggravate the injury and even cause a new injury.

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Med Plus Centers tips

The most common injuries in young athletes are caused by excessive use of an area or muscle. These types of injuries are classified into four stages:

  • Pain in the affected area after physical activity.
  • Pain during physical activity.
  • Pain to the point of restricting activity.
  • Chronic pain to the point of not being able to rest.

More than 45% of injuries in young athletes are related to pain in the affected area after physical activity.

Dr. Brandon Hochman D.C., a chiropractor and specialist in treating young athletes and elite athletes, tells us that nobody is taking care of the physical condition of these children and we are preparing them for a lifetime of problems. Recently a study was conducted that indicates that more than 80% of these young athletes are injured, and do not do so in games, but in training. They are practicing and forcing themselves out of their comfort zones as they prepare for games and many of them, especially those who play soccer, have more than 100 games a year.

Thinking about continuing to play sports when it hurts can cause more serious long-term damage. However, Dr. Hochman DC states that at Med Plus Centers, treatment is possible for many 13-year-old patients who require an operation better known as Tommy John, in which a tendon in the arm that has been torn is replaced. Med Plus Centers can help you recover from injuries and surgeries such as this.

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