Our Purpose

To help contribute to a persons overall happiness by transforming their physical well-being to its highest level by utilizing the latest chiropractic, physical therapy and medical techniques.

Our Mission

To create and promote awareness for a healthy, strong and active body.

Our Vision

To create a center of excellence encompassing an integrative approach to health and wellness impacting the physical nature of people worldwide.

Our Doctors


Dr. Brandon J. Hochman DC is a Chiropractor with 15 years’ experience treating patients.  Dr. Hochman credits his career path with being mentored by being treated and mentored by some of the most highly skilled and successful chiropractors in the industry.  He first was introduced to treatments as a young athlete and his interest in the profession peaked while fulfilling an internship while attending Rutgers University in New Jersey.  As a student athlete at Rutgers, Dr. Hochman competed in both baseball and for the nationally ranked soccer team.  After graduation, he attended Life University in Marietta, Georgia and received his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree.  Dr. Hochman then started his career with the well-known practice Georgia Spinal Health and Wellness.  He later moved to Florida where he became the managing director of a large clinic for a couple years before partnering with Dr. Lawrence Weiner DC at Med Plus Centers.  Dr. Hochman is certified in Manipulation Under Anesthesia and was one of the lead instructors of the technique for two different universities.  Dr. Hochman is also certified in Muscle Activation Techniques, in which only a handful of chiropractors are trained in worldwide.  He and Dr. Weiner are also the official Chiropractors of Bommarito Performance Centers, a top 5 nationally ranked training center for elite high school, college and professional athletes.


Dr. Lawrence Weiner, DC has been serving the Miramar community for over 15 years. Dr. Weiner is a qualified chiropractor with extensive training in the diagnosis and treatment of traumatic injuries.

Dr. Weiner is certified in S.O.T., Thompson, Diversified and Acupuncture. He uses these techniques along with his experience to treat the underlying cause of your pain, not just the symptoms.

Dr. Weiner believes in a naturopathic approach to healthcare. His individualized treatment plans are based on your life style, symptoms and level of activity. He will educate you on how to prevent injures from re-occurring and how to move beyond the pain to wellness.

Dr. Weiner choose to become a chiropractor because he was headed for orthopedic surgery when he was helped by chiropractic care for an injury. Chiropractic care relieves pain, maintains good health, increases energy, and so much more. Find out for yourself if the team at Med Plus Centers can help you achieve your optimal health.

Our Team

Name: Lydia

Profession: Director of Operations

Hobbies: photography, boating, and what every other woman in this world love to do SHOP! SHOP! SHOP!

Activities of interest: Architectural photography, spending quality time with my children, family, significant other and grand-daughters

My burning desire is to: travel all over the world (by boat) and to obtain my masters degree in Healthcare Administration

My key to success is: to remain focused, be sensitive to others and be flexible with all these keys there is no reason why not to be successful


Name: Tracy

Profession: Physician Assistant

Education: Undergrad Virginia Teach 2002, Masters in athletic training University of North Carolina 2005, Masters in Physician Assistant 2010

Hobbies: sports, working out, spending time with my family and friends

Activities of interest: my fiancé’, my two year old daughter and my two dogs

My burning desire is to: Help people get better and making a difference in people’s lives

My key to success is: Hard work, constantly trying to learn and grow, and relating to people/understanding where they are coming from.


Name: Ana

Profession: Billing Manager

Hobbies: boating & fishing

Activities of interest: spending quality time with my family and friends

My burning desire is to: be successful in everything I do

My key to success is: love what you do and you will be successful


Name: Nadine

Profession: Front Desk Coordinator

Hobbies: Watching movies at home/ Family

Activities of interest: Reading about space, life on other planets.

My burning desire is to: Succeed

My key to success is: to reach my goals at my job/making my family proud/ to be available where ever and whenever I’m needed.


Name: Dayanira

Profession: Front Desk Coordinator

Hobbies: Googling everything! Working out, meditating, eating and dancing

Activities of interest: Exploring, kayaking, tanning, reading, video games and movies

My burning desire is to: travel the world

My key to success is: Happiness!  Do what you love and love what you do.


Name: Jean

Profession: X-ray Technician


Name: Success

Profession: Patient Concierge

Hobbies: As boring as this may sound I do not have any hobbies, but one is in the making and its called POKEMON GO

Activities of interest: Any form of sports

My burning desire is to:  is for the Miami Dolphins to make it to the playoffs…..and to be one the greatest comedian entertainers today

My key to success is: Consistency.  That is something new that I have learned within my personal and professional life and it is definitely the key to success.


Name: Silvio

Profession: Massage Therapist

Hobbies: Working out and fishing

Activities of interest: Spending time with my boys

My burning desire is to: become a physical therapist

My key to success is: expanding my knowledge


Name: Ayle

Profession: Physical Therapist Assistant

Hobbies: Family activities, play tennis and go shopping

Activities of interest: Anything that consist of being outdoors

My burning desire is to: Travel around the world

My key to success is: Always be focused and smile


Name: Dr. Jomsky

Profession: Chiropractic Physician 

Hobbies: Baseball Fan.

Activities of interest: Softball, Reading, Guitar.

My burning desire is to: Complete my MD & PhD degrees.

My key to success is: Learn something new every day.


Name: Minerva

Profession: Physical Therapist Assistant

Hobbies: Shopping and surfing the internet

Activities of interest: swimming and dancing

My burning desire is to: become a physical therapist

My key to success is: working hard and be happy all the time


Name: Elvis

Profession: Rehabilitation Technician

Hobbies: Fishing, hunting, dancing, and traveling

Activities of interest: Playing racquetball & target shooting

My burning desire is to: continue my education

My key to success is: Staying focused and to ensure that my patients receive the best care possible.


Name: Daryl

Profession: Physical Therapist Assistant


Name: Martha

Profession: Front desk Coordinator

Hobbies: Going to Disney & spending time with my family

Activities of interest: Watching movies & going to the beach

My burning desire is to: Make sure my family is always happy and healthy.

My key to success is: Keeping a positive outlook on everything that comes my way.

Name: Julio

Profession: Rehab Tech

Hobbies: Bowling, Fishing, and cars.

Activities of interest: Spend time with my family.

My burning desire is to: Finish my career for PTA and be successful.

My key to success is: Be focused and do what I love the most.


Name: Jorge

Profession: Rehab Tech


Name: Laura

Profession: Medical Records Clerk


Name: Lori

Profession: Physical Thearapist


Name:  Juana

Profession: Front desk Coordinator


Name:  Wanda

Profession: Medical Billing/Posting , Realtor

Hobbies: Listening to music, dancing, reading, gardening

Activities of interest: Motorcycle riding, Public speaking, Law of Attraction Practitioner

My burning desire is to: Develop a Hands-on  Agri-tourism business

My key to success is: Pursue your dreams


Name: Kim

Profession: Acupuncturist

Name: Brianna

Profession: Referral/ Surgical Coordinator 

Hobbies: Running, pin trading and trips to Disney World

Activities of interest: Painting, Running, Reading, Shopping.

My burning desire is to: Run the 48.6 Mile Dopey Challenge in Disney World

My key to success is: Always stay positive and believe you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Name: Lionel

Profession: Sr. Physical Therapist

Name: Dr. Padula

Interested in joining our team? Email us at hello@medpluscenters.com